Glass Awards

Express Trophies understands that many businesses choose to reward and recognise outstanding employees or business partners.

Express Trophies offers a wide range of corporate and professional awards to suit business needs. These vary from small style plaques and, to professional glass awards and clocks.

Corporate Awards can also be seen in some trophy catalogues under “Awards” or “Corporate”

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Glass Awards

Black Glass Plaques

Black Glass Plaque - 150mm
Black Glass Plaque - 175mm
Black Glass Plaque - 200mm
Black Sparkle Glass
Black Stargazer Glass
Black Tailwind Glass
Blue Sparkle Glass
Blue Stargazer Glass
Blue Tailwind Glass
Black Gateway Glass
Black Scorpo Glass
Polaris Target Glass
Red Sparkle Glass
Red Stargazer Glass
Red Tailwind Glass
Sonic Glass Award (Blue)
Star Plaque - 150mm
Star Plaque - 175mm
Star Plaque - 200mm
Star Blue Glass Plaque - 150mm
Star Blue Glass Plaque - 175mm
Star Blue Glass Plaque - 200mm
Star Green Glass Plaque - 150mm
Star Green Glass Plaque - 175mm
Star Green Glass Plaque - 200mm