Engraving Ideas

At Express Trophies, we understand that choosing a trophy may not be difficult, it is often what to get engraved on it that can be difficult.

Below are a selection of suggestions that we recommend for you trophies and awards.

Engraving for Trophies

Club Name e.g. Express Trophies Rugby League

Year e.g. 2017

Age / Division e.g. Under 7’s, Division A

Team Name e.g. Wombats

Player(s) Name(s) e.g. Joe Smith

Position e.g. Finalist, Minor Premiers

Engraving for Awards

Company Name or Logo

e.g. Express Trophies

Type of Award

e.g. Excellence, Service, Performance, Employee of the Month

Recipients Name e.g. Joe Smith

What the award is for e.g. For coaching the team to the grand final

Dedicated service, Exceptional Performance

Year/month e.g. January 2017